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There are various types of yoga that you can practice in Coral Springs. Therefore, it is very important that you select the perfect type of yoga for you. Here is a brief discussion including the most common and fashionable types of yoga.

Bikram yoga
Bikram yoga is also referred to as “hot yoga”, which was started by Bikram in 1970s in Los Angeles. Currently, it is among the most fashionable types of yoga and regarded as the best activity for beginners. There are 26 types of Bikram poses and most of them aim in body alignment. The right temperature for this activity is 105 degrees and about 40 percent humidity.

Hatha yoga
As the term Hatha states, it explains any type of practice, thus Hatha sessions move very slowly and designed for beginners. A lot of breath work will be involved. Meaning this is the beginning of various poses, sluggish and moderate movements. After having a tiresome day in work, Hatha is very good to wind down with during the evening.

Vinyasa yoga
It is also referred to as “Vinyasa flow” or “flow”. This is because you will keep on moving and flowing from one pose to another pose. Instead of starting or expecting a sequence of sun salutations, there are no two sessions that will be the same. This is the most popular type of yoga in United States. For those who are looking for a movement, with many changing poses, then Vinyasa yoga is the best for you. The personal style of your coach will absolutely come as Vinyasa therefore it might require a few sessions to get a coach that you connect with. We incorporate elements of Vinyasa at our Coral Springs studio. Visit our website to learn more… http://yogacoralsprings.com

Kundalini yoga
The term “kundalini” refers to energy of root chakra which is the surrounding area in you lower spine. You should get ready to adequate workouts in your primary area and sessions can be seen to be pretty powerful. The principle of kundalini yoga states that by clearing this area, it is possible to set free too much potential that is stored in the energy core. You are going to incur a lot of interior activity o your abs and the nearby areas to the spine while practicing kundalini yoga. At times, there might be excess sitting than usual. If you want to start practicing kundalini yoga at home, get a DVD by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh. It is a good beginning to make you conversant with the basics.

Ashtanga yoga
This type of yoga is normally referred to as “power yoga”, as it requires steady movements and it is also physically demanding. It is good for someone who is an ex-athlete or someone who is able to move very quickly. If you are in need of shaping your body, try out this Ashtanga type of yoga.

So once again, if you’re interesting in improving your mind and body, visit our website at http://yogacoralsprings.com. We are conveniently located in Coral Springs.

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